Certification, sustainability and logicality

We like sustainable entrepreneurship. Imagine this as a continuous cycle, improving our processes, focussing on a fair and respectful production where the safety of the environment is a top priority. We take good care when using fertilizers, we recycle as much as possible, we compost and try to reduce the use of water.

MPS develops certifications for these kinds of practises. These certificates tell how environmentally friendly the plant was cultivated and how sustainable the company is managed.


In terms of environment, Van Woudenberg has the MPS-A certificate.
There are three degrees, A, B, and C. Of these three, the A is the highest possible one. We got that one!

If a company wants to participate and get this certification, there are multiple steps to be taken. To start with the registration of energy usage, cultivation protection, fertilizers, but also things like recycling and waste management. To make sure a company adheres to these rules, there are regular internal and external audits, which manifests as company visits, random samples and product testing.


We’re currently working on the MPS GAP standard, which we hope to achieve soon.

Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten behaalt de audit GlobalGAP met ’flying colours’.
VW Tuinplanten houdt zich aan de GRASP (GlobalGAP Risico-Inventarisatie ten aanzien van Sociale Praktijken), tevens aan de MPS-GAP.
Het is een erkenning van wat wij nastreven: duurzaamheid!

Bekijk het gehele document: 4502 MPS-GAP