Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten attaches great importance to a close collaboration with suppliers and customers. Using market information and communicating intensively with our customers, enables us to make customer-oriented choices with respect to our product range.

The short lines of communication within the company, but also with external parties, ensure that the demand in the market is met.

The availability of our full range of products is provided throughout the year with a total of some 4 million plants being grown, processed and traded by Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten.


Sustainability is very important to us

Transparent communication with retailer and customer is most important at Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten. Cultivating a good product in a natural environment is what we aim and stand for. We supply clear information with the delivered plants.  With that, we do not only improve the image of the horticultural industry, but also try to contribute to our client’s business goals.

Sustainable organisations are the future, and consequently our future. Especially in our line of business where we work with living products, it is important that you can rely on your supplier.

With MPS-A and MPS Product Proof certification Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten distinguishes itself from other producers. We are currently working on obtaining MPS Global GAP and Grasp certification.

MPs-ABC MPS-A is a certificate with a unique standard in the world. It is a yardstick that demonstrates the extent to which your business is environmentally friendly. By obtaining this certificate the company is transparent about their environmental performance, it differentiates itself from other producers, ensures for more structure in the operation and gives openness towards society.

MPS-Product Proof is a system in which, by using registration of crop protection, within 24 hours and by independent sampling, it can be shown that certain active substances are not used in the cultivation process. MPs-Product Proof (product security) is an add-on to the MPs-ABC (operational safety) certification.